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to the website of Roland Berger, a top player in the premier league of international consultancies. We serve top clients on challenging assignments in the global market.

May 25, 2016

The trucking industry is facing several challenges that can potentially be addressed by automated trucks: hours-of-service, safety, driver shortage, and operating costs. While the industry made gradual improvements on some of the individual issues disconnected in the past, automated trucks have the potential to simultaneously impact a wide range of issues.  >>

May 6, 2016

Since the media hype about 3D-printing and the following stock rally in 2012 the stock evaluation of nearly all 3D-companies dropped down significantly. This was the reason for us to look into the future and innovation potential of 3D-printing in the upcoming five to fifteen years and summarize the results in our new study "Additive Manufacturing – next generation (AMnx)".  >>

Apr 21, 2016

After a brief period of optimism in 2013 and 2014, growth in the world steel market has come to a halt: In 2014 demand for steel in China fell 3.3% with further decline confirmed for 2015 and expected until 2020. In other regions the demand is stagnant or only growing slowly. Resulting from this the world steel industry is once again facing a serious overproduction crisis, which has led to a spectacular fall in prices and to stiffer competition.  >>

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