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New Roland Berger study: "Keep your megaproject on track"

Complex, technically challenging, multi-year, multi-billion and multi-stakeholder projects – in short "megaprojects" – are the modern flagships of industry. Our latest study entitled "Keep your megaproject on track" examines the root causes of failure and what can be done to guarantee safe passage for large investment projects. Airports, road and rail infrastructure and aircraft programs, to name but a few, face challenges from all directions and most importantly, they often lack precedent.

In the words of Roland Berger Partner and study co-author Arnoud van der Slot, the result is that "90% of megaprojects exceed their budgets and their timeline." Consequently, the task of management calls for the ability "to solve a multi-dimensional puzzle in a constantly changing context." As van der Slot explains, "Dial in the numbers and you begin to appreciate the problem, as an estimated EUR 30-75 trillion is expected to be invested over the coming 15 years in megaprojects. Improvements in management could save between EUR 3 and 7.5 trillion."

Feb 5, 2016

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