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New Roland Berger study "Onshore wind power – Playing the game by new rules in a mature market"

The current low price of oil makes renewable energies look less profitable when compared with fossil fuels. There is a risk that the EU's and Germany's energy and climate policy goals could be thrown off track, especially if this short-term trend leads to the wrong conclusions: For one thing, the current situation does nothing to change the fundamental scarcity of fossil fuels and for another, renewable energies and in particular onshore wind power are already charting a course to success, which it would be unadvisable to interrupt. Governments are called upon to invest primarily in the expansion of the power grid. But operators, too, need to act. As the experts from Roland Berger found in their new study, "Onshore wind power – Playing the game by new rules in a mature market", wind farm operators in Germany alone could boost their profits by more than EUR 300 million per year. One of the study's findings was that operating costs harbor average savings potential of 45 percent.

Feb 29, 2016

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